The production of kiwi fruits in Iran ranks fourth in the world, its export from Iran falls to the eight position on the international kiwi trade list. This is in spite of the fact that due to the time difference between the northern and southern hemisphere, Iran Is able to export the kiwifruit to many European and Asian markets. Over 800 hectares of land in Iran is dedicated to Kiwi production. This as well as the fact that the climate in northern Iran is extremely agreeable to the growing of kiwi trees and the high harvest of the fruit leads to more kiwis being produced yearly.
Borna General Trading utilises the latest machinery and technology for kiwi production and is ready for cooperation in exporting the fruit. Our company provides a wide range of products and services domestically and internationally. Furthermore, our trading group is constantly adapting itself with the latest commercial and trading developments in order to provide safe and easy service for its international partners.
Borna General Trading uses the latest methods in Kiwi harvesting while employing highly trained personnel in a sanitary environment and conforming to international guidelines for product packaging. Our company employs agricultural experts for fruit and export quality control in order to ensure the consumer enjoys a healthy wholesome fruit.
The company’s Kiwi farms are located in Gilan province, in the city of Chubar. These exclusive farms are ranked among the best in Kiwifruit production and are ready for product export to neighbouring as well as GCC area.